ConRec Filter Press

Double Filter Press


  • Heavy-duty welded cold rolled steel or stainless steel frame
  • Durable hydraulic pumps and cylinders
  • Stainless steel rail caps for rugged use
  • Two coats of corrosion-resistant epoxy paint
  • Gasketed or non-gasketed one-piece molded polypropylene corrosion-resistant filter plates
  • Patented follower tail plate swivel joint for precise alignment
  • Semi-automatic plate shifters
  • Pump pressure control system (PPCS)
  • Sludge removal hoppers
  • Safety features: splash guards and light curtains available


Filter Press Solids Dewatering

Your filter press is factory-tested, pre-set, and customized to match your process. We guarantee that your filter press fits perfectly by adjusting: size, leg length, hydraulic system and controlled pumping.



Reduce the solids dewatering costs and solid waste volume

Quickly transform the fluid waste stream into a solid state that will pass the slump test. Filter Presses consistently transform a liquid solution containing 2% to 5% of suspended solids into solid sludge cakes with 30% to 35% of solids content for easy disposal. Paired with a ConRec sludge dryer, the filter press is an important step in achieving Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).

Minimize operator attention and let gravity do the work for you. Positioned over the dryer, the press will automatically unload sludge cakes when the press cycle is complete.

For long-term rugged use to match your process

With built-in fail-safe technology, ConRec filter presses withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

Batch volume can range from half of a cubic foot to 100 cubic feet

Selection of plate is based on your waste volume  and operating objectives , ranging sizes from 470 mm to 1500 mm

Conveniently  lift the press above the sludge dryer, disposal drum or roll-off containers with  stanchions.

Larger presses are equipped  with  a proprietary automatic hydraulic pump powered by plant compressed air, complete with  an air filter, regulator and lubricator for smooth operation. Small presses with  smaller batch loads can operate with  manual hand-pump hydraulics

Pump Pressure Control System (PPCS) initially gently feed sludge, coating the cloth with  a thin even layer of solids. Feed pressure is increased in steps to ultimately fill the cavity between the plates with firm, solid filter cake.
The press reaches its maximum pressure at 80 PSI. Controlled escalation of sludge feed pressure delivers efficiency and prevents cloth plugging

Presses consistently transform 2 – 5% liquid solution into 30 – 35% solid sludge cakes for easy disposal

Minimized Sludge


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