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Hydroponic Greenhouse

Boosts water recovery to 95% with ROKON System, while improving water quality and recovering nutrients for reuse.

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Hydroponic Greenhouse


The Challenge

Growing operation at a leading Ontario hydroponic English cucumber farm was held back by the hardness in its groundwater source.

The Goal

This leading hydroponic farm wanted to reduce energy costs, conserve water, comply with very strict discharge regulations and recycle hydroponic feed water for reuse.

The Solution

Installation of a Kontek ROKON Reverse Osmosis system with primary and secondary ROKON treatment for source water purification, wastewater treatment and recycling, and boiler source water purification.

The Result

Increased feed water quality, achieved 95% recovery from hydroponic wastewater lowered pumping costs by 20%

With Kontek’s help we’re minimized risk of exposure to harsh raw water and bacteria. At the same time, we reduced pumping costs by 20 per cent, and boosted our recovery by 60 per cent”



Deliver the best possible nutrients to your plants by starting with the purist possible water from Kontek

  • Maximize plant productivity
  • Purify well water
  • Purify raw water containing harmful impurities
  • Pure water sources for boilers
  • Treatment for recovery and reuse
  • Safe discharge of wastewater

Save money by supplying your own water, drill a well and treat the water with RoKon RO System from Kontek.

Purify your boiler feed water makeup to reduce boiler operating costs by 90%.

Minimize scaling by using purified water in your boiler. This minimizes maintenance and costly chemicals.


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