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Aerospace Engineering

Kontek’s recovery system helps aerospace manufacturer re-use wastewater and gain ZLD status

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Aerospace Engineering


The Challenge

One of the world’s largest aerospace technology manufacturers decided to eliminate wastewater discharge and certify their manufacturing facility as a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) location. In order to do so, they needed a wastewater recovery system that would be effective and reliable.


They hired a consulting engineering firm, which selected Kontek as a prime candidate for the job. After providing an in-depth proposal, Kontek was awarded the contract.


The Solution

Based on the customer’s water samples and operations, Kontek recommended a reverse osmosis RoKon system. Before manufacturing and installing a full-sized system, however, Kontek and the client decided to install a VeriKon pilot system. Attached to a slipstream of the facility’s water flow, the compact RoKon pilot test unit collected data for several weeks. These valuable analytic allowed Kontek’s team to evaluate the proposed design under variable plant conditions.

VeriKon’s results were very positive, validating Kontek’s original approach. After a few minor adjustments were made, the customer’s full-sized system was manufactured with SmartLogic capabilities. This sophisticated control system was geared to extending the system’s lifespan, adding protection, decreasing operator intervention and conserving chemicals.

The Results

The client has benefited from exceedingly high recovery rates and ongoing low operating, repair and maintenance costs. After four years of continuous use, their system’s membranes still appear untouched and consistently regenerate to 100% performance. This benefit alone has saved the customer thousands of dollars in membrane replacement and installation.

Based on the RoKon’s exceptional performance, the customer is currently looking at the ConRec Slurry-Mizer Liquid Crystallizer. Adding this component would be the customer’s final step towards gaining Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) certification.

Based on the success at this facility, the client has asked Kontek to help make their manufacturing facilities around the world ZLD locations. Kontek’s team is currently determining which processes will yield the best results for each facility, taking the client one step closer to their accomplishing their business goals.


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