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Rokon Reverse Osmosis

Be in the clear. RoKon removes 99% of contaminants – consistently generating clear water

Designed for efficiency. Kontek’s Reverse Osmosis systems recover up to 85% of raw city water or recovered process feed water by re-circulating the reject water portion back  for retreatment. Highly efficient membranes and variable speed drives reduce energy requirements. Controlled for smooth functioning, the PLC-driven operator interface displays all important system control information on a user-friendly control panel.

Each system is mounted on an epoxy-coated steel or stainless steel frame, designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Based on years of field experience with these systems, Kontek has selected pumps, motors, control components and membranes with proven performance and reliability.

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  • Standard designed flow rates from 5 to 1000 GPM
  • PLC/HMI controlled user interface
  • Digital or analog  flow and quality sensors
  • Nema 4 rated  control panel
  • ASME rated  and stamped pressure vessels
  • Quiet,  reliable, multi-stage 316 or 304SS centrifugal pump
  • Floor mounting options  with either epoxy coated mild steel or stainless steel frames
  • Adjustable reject recirculation
  • Up to 85% water  recovery
  • 1.0 micron prefilter  assembly included
  • Assured system quality and performance

Reverse Osmosis System


Lower  running costs
Rokon’s exceptionally low fouling rates reduce cleaning and maintenance  costs while extending the system’s lifespan.

Your Rokon Reverse Osmosis system will normally recover up to 85% of your water.

Simply let your Rokon Reverse Osmosis run continuously  -it will alert you when it needs operator attention. Our controls  protect your system while keeping it running smoothly.

Purifying with osmotic pressure
Reverse osmosis occurs when water moves from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentration. As concentrated wastewater passes through the membrane’s pores, the contaminants are removed.

RoKon Reverse Osmosis removes:

•Inorganic salts such as: calcium, magnesium and more
•Particles: both colloidal and non-colloidal


 Extend membrane lifespan while boosting efficiency



We cut your cleaning  and maintenance costs in two  important ways:

Low-fouling membranes:
We use membranes lined with  a patented polyamide-urea barrier. The chemical composition of these membranes naturally  reduces fouling rates and enhances the reverse osmosis purification process.

Failsafe protection:
Chemical pretreatment makes sure that your water meets set point levels before entering  the membrane area. Dual redundant  probes and interlocked  permissive constantly monitor your water. These intuitive sensors not only protect your membranes, but elongate pump life by maintaining safe, steady flow  rates.

Water recovery provided by dual stack stainless steel RoKon system with carbon and multimedia filtration pre-treatment and automated clean-in-placeFull System

ReKon Ion Exchange Wastewater Recovery

ReKonReKon Ion Exchange is a reliable and cost-effective method of removing dissolved heavy metals and salts from wastewater and producing high quality deionized water for recycling. Some of the applications: raw water purification, softening and deionization; wastewater treatment, wastewater recovery and recycling; polishing and targeted ion recovery.




TriSep low fouling membranes reduce the amount of cleaning required, extends membrane life and delivers higher water purit



SmartLogic’s intuitive design protects your water quality, safeguards your parts and conserves chemicals – all while minimizing labour requirements. Sophisticated, yet user friendly HMIs enable you to quickly fine-tune parameters  with precision, view analytics and respond to alarm.


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