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Cyclic Ion Exchange (CIX-RO)

Cost-effectively soften your process water by regenerating your resin for free with RO reject stream

The CIX-RO design combines two key technologies: cyclic ion exchange (CIX) and reverse osmosis (RO). Designed and patented by one of our suppliers, Purolite, the CIX system consistently removes up to 95% of water hardness while using 90% less salt than typical softening systems. 

The softened water is then fed into a Kontek RoKon reverse osmosis system for recovery. The RO’s reject brine water is then fed back into the CIX resin chambers. Instead of purchasing, storing and hauling mountains of regenerant salt, the streamlined CIX-RO design lets you cost-effectively reuse your RO’s salty brine water for resin regeneration. 

Contact our sales team at: 1-877-332-8366, or email.

TriSep 3 membranes

TriSep low fouling membranes reduce the amount of cleaning required, extends membrane life and delivers higher water purity



  • Efficiently soften your water by removing up to 95% of your water’s hardness
  • Achieve optimized regeneration efficiency without higher pressure drop limitations with Purolite’s patented shallow shell technology (SST) resin
  • Reduce labour requirements with fully integrated and automated SmartLogic controls
  • Dramatically reduce costs for salt hauling, storage and disposal by reusing your RO brine as free regenerant
  • Consistently achieve a silt density index (SDI) reading of >5.0 and a turbidity reading of 2.0


Purolite SST C65 Resins are used to remove contaminants selectively from waste streams.


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