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Oil & Grease Removal DAF

Whereas mechanical oils will eventually float in water, emulsified oils never settle. Depending on the oil’s chemical composition, Kontek uses one of two removal processes: acid splitting or dissolved air flotation. 

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Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

DAF is a suitable process when the oil or grease is less dense than water or has neutral buoyancy. Millions of micro-scale bubbles, referred to as “whitewater”, float upwards from the bottom of the tank. Little clumps of the oil or grease, commonly called “flocs”, are pushed to the surface as the micro-bubbles rise. The floating contaminants are mechanically skimmed away, leaving oil-free water at the bottom.  

Acid Splitting 

Emulsified oils remain suspended in water because they have a filmy barrier that lowers the particles’ surface tension. Lowering the solution’s pH by adding acid breaks the oil’s emulsion, allowing unwanted oil and grease particles to float to the surface.



De-emulsified oils are removed mechanically on oleophilic plates that permit flotation separation.  



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