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Continuous Precipitation Process

Efficiently treat your wastewater prior to re-use or environmental discharge with durable and long-lasting equipment.

Kontek’s sophisticated continuous precipitation processes are calibrated to deliver optimal results in industrial settings. Efficiently treat your wastewater prior to re-use or safe environmental discharge with durable and long-lasting equipment.

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  • Benefit from lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Drive down costs by reducing treatment chemical consumption
  • Have a treatment system that is perfectly suited to your environment and application
  • Maintain a safe and healthy work environment
  • Consistently meet compliant discharge levels
  • Know that your automated system will run smoothly with minimal operator intervention

Kontek systems are designed to fit your facility and handle flow rates from under 10 USGPM to 1000 USGPM:


1200 Series:  The 1200 is well suited for small spaces in pre-existing facilities.Engineered at Kontek, the 1200 is designed to fit your special requirements and handles flow rates up to 40 USGPM.

1300 Series: The 1300 is ideal for Greenfield sites and facilities with more floor space and larger entrances.

Prebuilt at Kontek, it reduces installation costs by more than 70%, with all mechanical quality assured within the Kontek plant, to Kontek standards. The 1300 can accommodate up to four chemical reagent feed stations and twelve chemical feed metering pumps, allowing multiple contaminants to be treated simultaneously.

1400 Series: The 1400 is a large heavy duty system engineered to treat water flows from 50 USGPM to 1000 USGPM.

Each unit is meticulously engineered to deliver personalized results. The manufacturing process begins with a comprehensive plant inspection, allowing Kontek to identify feed lines and precise treatment needs. From there, our engineers can determine which combinations of reagents and components are required. 1400 components are engineered and calibrated at Kontek, delivered separately and assembled in place.

Thorough on-site testing guarantees seamless integration and flawless unit performance. High-volume incline laminar flow clarifiers with poly-vinyl chloride plates effectively extract remaining waste particles. If the water doesn’t meet compliance parameters post-clarification, it is automatically re-treated until it’s ready for industrial re-use or draining.



1200 Series

1300 Onsite

Conventional Treatment

Boost your system productivity with these optional features:

Water Polishing



Maxi-Polish is a popular automatic polishing feature that clears residual waste. Its built-in backwash system includes superior acid injection technology that prevents media bed calcification.

Feed and Bleed Technology



This technology emits a small amount of concentrated waste through the system’s water stream, allowing bulkier contaminants to process without clogging the system.

Extra Reagent Feed Systems

 ResignMany industrial facilities need to treat water that is contaminated with more than one kind of metal, toxin, oil or chelate. As a result, multiple chemical reagent feed stations and feed metering pumps are often required.


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