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Automatic Batch Treatment

Designed to automatically treat large batch volumes with different wastewater constituents

Treatments contain pre-programmed chemical recipes designed to guarantee that each of your different wastewater sources will receive its specific treatment formula to consistently meet discharge compliance requirements.


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  • Be able to treat a fix volume of wastewater from different sources with a specific treatment protocol design to remove the constituent contaminants
  • Drive down costs by reducing treatment chemical consumption
  • Have a treatment system that is perfectly suited to your environment and application
  • Have a process wastewater treatment system that is perfectly customized to your environment and application
  • Know that your automated system will run smoothly with minimal operator intervention


Technical Features:

  • Interactive touch screen HMI unit diagrams
  • Analytics and data logging
  • Constant probe supervision
  • Pumping stations with service and standby modes
  • Neutralization reactors that maintain PH levels
  • SmartLogic automated controls

smartlogic 2

Common Industrial Uses:

  • Metal finishing wastewater and spent process solution
  • Lithographic, Flexographic and paperboard printing ink wastewater
  • Mining
  • Food and beverage
  • Aerospace engineering
  • BOD reduction
  • Ground water remediation
  • Textile dying and tanning
  • Spent coolant, die lube and cutting fluid solution treatment
  • Petrochemical wastewater treatment and recovery


SmartLogic Optimal Process Performance, Integrated & Automated Control Systems

Boost your system productivity with these optional features:

Sludge Thickening Tank



Sludge tanks encourage thickening and enhance your Filter Press’s ability to create dry sludge cakes. If your sludge volume is excessive, a thickening tank is an important stage in the process. 

Duplex Batch Treatment Systems


An extra 1000G batch tank can be added to process batches that are larger than 2500G

Water Polishing


Polish1The Maxi-Polish is a popular automatic polishing feature that clears residual waste. Its built-in backwash system includes superior acid injection technology that prevents media bed calcification


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