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VeriKon Pilot Testing

VeriKon Pilot Testing Program

We validate your system design by measuring a complete range of process variables

Before manufacturing and installing your full-sized system, we capture a complete range of environmental variables with our pilot program. Linked to your feed water via slipstream, compact VeriKon systems gather and analyze data while processing contaminants. We use these valuable insights to fine-tune your system before building a full-scale model. 

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  • Know that your system will perform as designed in a wide range of environmental conditions
  • Avoid inadvertent non-compliance, spills and accidents
  • Guarantee environmental compliance with slipstream testing
  • Measure operating parameters and costs for consumables prior to committing to a system
  • Understand the full impact of each industrial condition and set point parameter

Key VeriKon technical features: 

  • Slipstream installation and ongoing monitoring
  • Extensive data recording, analysis and storage
  • Refined programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
  • LinKon continuous support and pilot supervision
  • In-house remote dashboard monitoring
  • Sophisticated touch screen human-machine interfaces (HMIs)
  • Compact, sophisticated pilot design

That’s the Kontek difference. 

Validation of design
Water samples only provide a snapshot; continuous  slipstream testing delivers a complete picture of the variations that occur in your water flow  24/7.

Peace of mind
Before installing your full-sized system, we guarantee  that it’s a perfect, customized fit.

Trust that your new system will consistently perform as designed and withstand varying industrial conditions.

VeriKon On site Pilot testing

Testing is an important first step in our long-term strategy to maximize your water recovery.

Our pilot systems are automated to capture your actual operating  conditions.

Every system we design is fully customized to protect  your water.
KONTEK’s proposed system design will  consistently deliver the results you expect.

“Kontek is all about precision. They test their designs to guarantee that you get the results you need it’s inexpensive insurance!”

−Allan McMurray CRA


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