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Linkon Support

You are constantly linked to Kontek’s expertise and experience – regardless of your location

As your business grows and your process changes over time, we guarantee that your system seamlessly keeps pace with new industrial demands. LinKon provides a proactive and preventative service model versus a reactive one. Constant monitoring protects your system and keeps your production schedule running smoothly.

With remote access our team of experts can respond to service calls quickly, avoiding system downtime and costly delays

Contact our sales team at: 1-877-332-8366, or email.


Real-time support: when you need it, wherever you need it.

  1. Day-to-day monitoring: LinKon support staff monitor your system’s daily diagnostics and offer guidance when needed. If your system’s alarms sound, our team ensures that the issue is resolved in a timely and effective fashion.

  2. Long-term changes: As your business grows, your industrial process may evolve over time. Instead of buying new equipment or damaging your system with irregular contaminants, LinKon lets us refine your SmartLogic parameters as needed.

Technical Features

  • Worldwide off-site system access, monitoring and operation
  • Extensive long-term data recording, analysis and storage
  • Highly secured servers for added protection
  • Off-site and on-site constant data logging
  • State-of-the-art SmartLogic touch screen HMIs
  • Accessible system maps that are easy to navigate




Your LinKon support staff is always readily available to offer you their guidance and expertise



LinKon allows you to easily monitor, operate and update your system from a distance



If your system’s SmartLogic alarms are activated, LinKon automatically notifies your operator contacts

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