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Sludge Dryer

Evaporate up to two-thirds of your disposal costs with the original under-the-press sludge dryer.

ConRec continues to be a leading sludge dryer brand for one reason: consistent results that yield higher profits. Built to last with corrosion-resistant materials, you can depend on your ConRec sludge dryer to perform for many years to come.  

Sludge is a permanent liability that burdens even the smallest facilities. Sludge Dryers consistently evaporate as much as two-thirds of your sludge disposal costs. Equipped with energy-efficient heating jackets and automatic controls, you can reduce your sludge volume while maintaining low operating and manpower costs. 

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  • Can pay for itself in less than a year by reducing sludge disposal and hauling costs
  • Is reliable and durable, engineered for long term rugged use
  • Fits directly under the filter press.  Hazardous waste drops directly into the Sludge Dryer, minimizing exposure and handling of hazardous waste
  • Is designed to match your filter press capacity, giving you efficient semi continuous batch process
  • Is compact and customized to maximize available floor space and minimize operator interference

Technical Features

  • Standard stainless steel construction for all wetted parts
  • Efficient steam, electric, hot water, or indirect gas heated thermal fluid are the energy sources  available
  • Single-button cycle-start controls require little operator attention
  • Automatic temperature controls prevent overheating
  • Air-purged and corrosive-resistant tight shaft seals
  • Quad-screw mixer constantly circulates sludge in four directions
  • Preheated airflow system enhances moisture removal process
  • Optional automatic pneumatic cover for easy access and fast loading
  • Bottom side gate permits simple gravity discharge


Minimze your filter press sludge disposal volumes to less than 25%

4to1 drums

Sludge Dryer big

Sludge Dryer FG

Sludge Dryers: Always a perfect fit. 

Sludge Dryers are designed to match your filter press, allowing for an efficient semi-continuous batch process. Its compact and customized build maximizes floor space while minimizing operator interference.

Wide range of sizes: We build sludge dryers to match
your filter press volume. This enables efficient semi-continuous batch sequencing.

Custom structures: Leg extensions provide space for the disposal container to sit directly under the discharge chute. Stanchions position your filter press conveniently above your elevated sludge dryer. Access catwalks, platforms  and stairways save space while boosting operating  efficiency.

Discharge augers: Augers simplify disposal in areas with  limited headspace by placing dried sludge directly into disposal containers

Solids Dewatering Technology


Filter Press

dual filter press

Quickly transform your liquid discharge into a solid form that passes the slump test. Presses consistently transform aqueous solution containing 2 to 5% total suspended solids  (TSS) to solid sludge cakes containing less than 65% moisture for easy disposal. Paired with a sludge dryer, your filter press is an important step in achieving Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).

Liquid Crystallizer


Perfect for low-volume, corrosive liquid solutions, ConRec Liquid Crystallizers quickly remove moisture content, leaving behind crystallized salts for disposal. With a trustworthy design used in the industry for over 25 years, the liquid crystallizer eliminates contaminated haulage and disposal costs.



SmartLogic’s intuitive design protects your water quality, safeguards your parts and conserves chemicals – all while minimizing labour requirements. Sophisticated, yet user friendly HMIs enable you to quickly fine-tune parameters  with precision, view analytics and respond to alarms.

Customer Feedback

"We purchased our ConRec Space-Mizer dryer in 1991 and it’s been in service everyday since. Availability of spare parts and unwavering Kontek support help us keep it running"

−Leonard, SW Plating


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