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ConRec Solids Dewatering

Minimize waste disposal costs with efficient and durable solids dewatering technology

Reduce your liquid waste hauling and disposal costs with efficient solids dewatering processes.

Our durable under-the-press sludge dryers, filter presses and liquid crystallizers are designed for long-term, rugged use.

Contact our sales team at: 1-877-332-8366, or email.


  • Significantly reduce sludge and slurry waste disposal costs
  • Efficiently minimize waste volume due to decreased running costs
  • Have a waste management plan that’s perfectly fitted to your environment and application
  • Lower operating and labour costs with efficient and automated equipment
  • Maximize floor space with compact and customized structures
  • Lengthen system lifespan with corrosion-resistant materials built to withstand harsh conditions
  • Maintain a safe work environment with durable and self-protecting technologies

Blue ZLD

Process Complete

Filter Press

Liquid crystallizer

Sludge Dryer

Solids Dewatering Technologies

Filter Press



Quickly transform your liquid discharge into a solid form that passes the slump test.
Presses consistently transform aqueous solution containing 2 to 5% total suspended solids  (TSS) to solid sludge cakes containing less than 65% moisture for easy disposal. Paired with a sludge dryer, your filter press is an important step
in achieving Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).

Liquid Crystallizer

Slurry + CatwalkPerfect for low-volume, corrosive liquid solutions, ConRec Liquid Crystallizers quickly remove moisture content, leaving behind crystallized salts for disposal. With a trustworthy design used in the industry for over 25 years, the liquid crystallizer eliminates contaminated haulage and disposal costs.

Sludge Dryer

sludge1Sludge dryers are designed to match your filter press capacity, giving you an efficient semi-continuous  batch process. Its compact and customized build minimizes both floor  space requirement and operator interference. Sludge falls directly from the filter press into your dryer, minimizing handling and exposure to hazardous waste.


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