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ClayTek Powder Reactant Treatment

Treatment and Clarification of Industrial Wastewater

Effectively treat and reuse your mixed wastewater with Kontek Powder Reactant Treatment.

ClayTek powder reactant treatment systems are broad ranging, non-discriminating and flexible. They are ideal for treating low volume, mixed wastewater from a wide variety of sources, including: mop water, wet vac, wash water, and wastewater that contain emulsified oils, coolants, grease, and more.
Guarantee environmental compliance while reducing operating expenses cut a low capital cost. Kontek Powder Reactant Treatment systems are cost-effective solutions for facilities that produce up to 100 gallons per minute  of mixed industrial wastewater.

Reduce capital expenses and long-term labour costs with efficient, automated and long-lasting equipment

Designed for continuous flow applications, Kontek Powder Reactant Treatment Systems constantly monitor your flow rate. SmartLogic  automated controls automatically add the right amount of powder per gallon, cutting labour and operating expenses. SmartLogic does the work for you! 

Technical Features:

  • Efficiently treat up to 100 gallons per minute
  • Reduce maintenance costs with durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel fabricated modules
  • Drive down operating costs with energy- efficient automated controls
  • Conserve consumables with SmartLogic automatic Powder Reactant dosing features

Flexible  and Efficient
Efficiently treat and potentially reuse mixed wastewater from multiple sources with  a quick, automated and cost-effective  system.

Consistently meet compliant discharge levels while reducing long-term maintenance and hauling costs.

Cut labour and operating expenses. SmartLogic automatic dosing does the work for you. Kontek Powder Reactant Treatment systems constantly monitor your flow  rate and automatically add the right amount  of formulated power for the design treatment flow rate.


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When mixed with water, our formulated powder reactant becomes a powerful absorbent. The mixture naturally attracts and binds contaminants, creating a thick sludge.
Clean water is released from the sludge and is ready to be recycled or discharged.

Efficiently  remove a wide range of contaminants, including:

  • Emulsified and mechanical oils
  • Heavy metals
  • Suspended and dissolved solids
  • Paints, solvents,  cleaners  & more

Add the following optional features to fit your process needs

1. Equalization and distribution tanks.

Aggregate your facility’s wastewater streams in a pre-treatment equalization tank. Add a post-treatment distribution tank to store clean water before re-use.

2. Water polishing technology

Further refine your water and control odours for re-use with carbon filtration, polishing filters, UV technology or ozone treatment.


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