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Get higher yields, lower costs, and better quality produce with RoKon RO system specially engineered for hydroponics from Kontek.

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Case Study: A leading hydroponic greenhouse boosts wastewater recovery to 95%, improves water quality and recovers nutrients for reuse.

A leading producer of hydroponic English Cucumbers found the limitations of hard ground water, a conventional RO system, and stringent discharge regulations limiting the opportunity to grow.  The benefits go well beyond boosting water recovery to 95%.  There’s a huge increase in water quality, and the risk of exposure to harsh raw hard water and bacteria is minimized… 




  • Ensure the most effective delivery of nutrients by starting with the purist water possible
  • Consistently meet stringent discharge regulations
  • Recycle & reuse up to 95% of your waste water with Kontek RoKon RO
  • Recover and reuse nutrients from wastewater
  • Remove harmful mineral from city water
  • Eliminate expensive raw water costs by pumping and treating underground source water
  • Reduce pumping cost
  • Get an RO system that is specially designed to fit your environment
  • Minimize the risk of exposure to harsh hard raw water and bacteria
  • Control harmful insects including Spider Mites, Whiteflies, Aphids, Thrips, etc.
  • Correct and stabilize pH balance


Popular Hydroponic Technologies

Deliver the best possible nutrients to your plants by starting with the purist possible water from Kontek

  • Maximize plant productivity
  • Purify well water
  • Purify raw water containing harmful impurities
  • Pure water sources for boilers
  • Treatment for recovery and reuse
  • Safe discharge of wastewater

Save money by supplying your own water, drill a well and treat the water with RoKon RO System from Kontek.

Purify your boiler feed water makeup to reduce boiler operating costs by 90%.

Minimize scaling by using purified water in your boiler. This minimizes maintenance and costly chemicals.



Reverse Osmosis Purification removes 99% of contaminants. Designed for efficiency, Kontek’s Reverse Osmosis systems recover up to 85% of the raw city or recovered process feed water by re-circulating the reject water portion back a second pass for retreatment.




SmartLogic’s intuitive design protects your water quality, safeguards your parts and conserves chemicals – all while minimizing labour requirements. Sophisticated, yet user friendly HMIs enable you to quickly fine-tune parameters  with precision, view analytics and respond to alarms.


Rekon and Pilot (300 by 142)ReKon Ion Exchange is a reliable and cost-effective method of removing dissolved heavy metals and salts from wastewater and producing high quality deionized water for recycling. Some of the applications: raw water purification, softening and deionization; wastewater treatment, wastewater recovery and recycling; polishing and targeted ion recovery.



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