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Canning Packaging

Lower water treatment costs and meet the strictest compliance regulations with cradle to grave water technology and systems fitted to your facility’s requirements from Kontek. 

Our technologies have been specifically designed to remove heavy metals, oils & grease, and organic compounds from wastewater for reuse in can manufacturing processes or safely released to the environment. 

Fitting your wastewater treatment & recovery system with Kontek’s SmartLogic control systems allows for total integration with all other Kontek supplied technologies and integration with your internal networking and/or DCS communication systems.

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  • Purify raw source water to your desired quality for your entire can manufacturing process with RoKon Reverse Osmosis
  • Deionizing (DI) purified source water for final DI rinsing on even the most demanding DI specifications with ReKon Ion Exchange
  • Guarantee discharge compliance from Kontek wastewater treatment systems with the toughest discharge criteria
  • Remove heavy metals, oils & grease, and organic compounds from your process water
  • Reuse treated and recovered wastewater in your processes or safely return it to the environment
  • Eliminate expensive disposal costs for concentrated spent cleaning & process solutions
  • Ensure that can rinsing stages are free of floating oils & greases
  • Minimize water treatment costs with fully integrated systems and Kontek’s SmartLogic automated controls



Canning Industry Applications:

Raw Water Purification

Kontek’s water purification technologies will purify your raw source water to produce the water quality desired for your entire can manufacturing process.

• Purify some of the planet’s ‘hardest’ waters with RoKon RO for o Process water for rinsing o Chemical solution make-up

• De-ionize with ReKon Ion Exchange to meet the most demanding DI specs

• Fully integrated with other Kontek equipment and your internal networks with SmartLogic automated controls

Wastewater Recovery & Treatment

Guarantee that your discharge meets and exceeds even the toughest criteria with Kontek’s canning industry expertise and 30 plus years of process water management.

• Reuse treated & recovered wastewater in your processes or safely discharge it to the environment

• Technologies specifically designed to remove heavy metals, oils & grease, and organic compounds

• Fully integrated with other Kontek equipment and your internal networks with SmartLogic automated controls

• Conserves consumables with SmartLogic intuitive chemical dosing features

Process Chemical Replenishment Systems

Improve chemical productivity with Kontek’s extensive experience with controlled process chemistry delivery & replenishment, and SmartLogic automated controls:

• Fully integrated instrumentation, controls, and chemical delivery holding & delivery

• Cost effective chemical monitoring, delivery and replenishment

• Variable chemistry control parameters: pH, temp, or new chemical bath make up.

• Achieve total chemical control for wet processes, raw water, and wastewater.

• Networked with in house networking and/or DCS communication systems

Plant Floor Cleanup Water Treatment

Kontek’s ClayTek clay treatment technologies is a cost effective treatment of waste coolant, cutting fluids, and shop-clean up “Mop Water”.

• Ideal for low volumes of varied wastewater

• Removes: oils, glycols, greases, heavy metals, and surfactants with ease

• Treated water is good for reuse or discharge

• Conserves consumables with SmartLogic intuitive chemical dosing features

Concentrated Spent Chemical Treatment

Eliminate the need for expensive off-site disposal of concentrated spent cleaning and process solutions with Kontek wastewater treatment


Popular Canning Packaging Technologies:

Whereas mechanical oils will eventually float in water, emulsified oils never settle. Depending on the oil’s chemical composition, Kontek uses one of two removal processes: acid splitting or dissolved air flotation. 

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

DAF is a suitable process when the oil or grease is less dense than water or has neutral buoyancy. Millions of micro-scale bubbles, referred to as “whitewater”, float upwards from the bottom of the tank. Little clumps of the oil or grease, commonly called “flocs”, are pushed to the surface as the micro-bubbles rise. The floating contaminants are mechanically skimmed away, leaving oil-free water at the bottom.  

Acid Splitting 

Emulsified oils remain suspended in water because they have a filmy barrier that lowers the particles’ surface tension. Lowering the solution’s pH by adding acid breaks the oil’s emulsion, allowing unwanted oil and grease particles to float to the surface.


De-emulsified oils are removed mechanically on oleophilic plates that permit flotation separation 

WT room



Conventional Treatment


Our conventional wastewater treatment systems use chemical precipitation to consistently remove contaminants. Efficiently treat your wastewater prior to re-use or safe environmental discharge with durable and long-lasting automated systems.


Solids Dewatering

Reduce your liquid waste hauling and disposal costs with efficient solids dewatering processes. Our durable under-the-press sludge dryers, filter presses and liquid crystallizers are designed for long-term, rugged use.



SmartLogic’s intuitive design protects your water quality, safeguards your parts and conserves chemicals – all while minimizing labour requirements. Sophisticated, yet user friendly HMIs enable you to quickly fine-tune parameters  with precision, view analytics and respond to alarms.


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