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Maxi-Spray Counterflow

Reduce or eliminate drag-out while  minimizing the amount of rinse water your process requires

Maxi-Spray discharges a powerful flat-knife spray that quickly removes impurities on your parts between bath dips. Using a sustainable counterflow design, the Maxi-Spray conserves water by pumping solution from the next upstream rinse tank in line.

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  • Quickly and cost-effectively remove impurities from your parts
  • Reduce or eliminate drag-out while minimizing the volume of rinse water your process requires
  • Prevent solution growth with Max-Evap evaporation
  • Guarantee better rinsing with a smooth and even wash by using high-velocity flat-knife spraying
  • Reduce labour costs with quick disconnects for fast cleaning
  • Cut maintenance costs and optimized performance with customized nozzles and pumps that perfectly fit your application and flow rater
  • Extend system lifespan with heavy-duty components designed for long-term, rugged use

Optimize your plating process with Maxi-Spray and Max-Evap

When used together, Maxi-Spray and Max-Evap Atmospheric Evaporation systems optimize your process, maintain consistent solution chemistry, and close the loop. The Max-Evap evaporates all excess water produced by spraying. 

By combining Maxi-Spray and  Max-Evap systems, our  clients consistently:

  • Capture and recycle  expensive chemicals
  • Evaporate  water from the  process solution
  • lncrease  bath concentration
  • Minimize costly  waste  treatment
  • Reduce  operating costs


Plating Process blue1Kontek Max-Evap and Maxi-Spray


MaxevapProtect your plating  bath chemistry, prevent  solution  growth, and  reduce your wastewater production rate  by installing a Max-Evap atmospheric solution  concentration system.


KC20KC technology removes heavy metal contaminants from your bath, such as unwanted: copper, nickel, zinc and iron. Using proprietary selective chelating resin, KC systems only remove undesired metals. This keeps your valuable trivalent chrome chemistry perfectly intact for plating to guarantee a consistent finish and colour.


Kontek Perma-Disc Filtration

Perma-Disc performs like a large sand filter – except at a much reduced capital cost and a fraction of the size. The small, wheeled filter, pump & platform assembly is portable, easy to install in tight areas, and filters flows of  up to 16,000 gallons per hour.


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