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Max-Evap Evaporators

Drive down costs and reclaim drag-out while maintaining consistent solution concentrations with Max-Evap

Using atmospheric evaporation, Max-Evap protects your plating bath chemistry, prevents solution growth, and reduces your wastewater production rate. 

Max-Evap atmospherically evaporates water by taking advantage of air’s ability to absorb water from your process solution, while leaving valuable salts behind. Max-Evap evaporation produces a refrigerating effect, which cools the solution. After evaporation, Max-Evap discharges two streams: moisture-rich air and a concentrated liquid chemical stream that is returned to the plating bath.

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  • Prevent dilution and maintain consistent solution chemistry by evaporating excess water
  • Dramatically reduce your consumable costs by retrieving and reusing plating bath chemistry
  • Minimize waste by reducing your rinse water usage, wastewater flow rate and solid waste disposal costs
  • Efficiently evaporate up to 75 gallons per hour
  • Streamline your process by evaporating excess water at the source
  • Close the loop on your plating process with a Maxi-Spray counterflow rinsing system

Max-Evap Technical Features:

  • Reduce costs for replacement chemicals by recovering and recycling your process solution chemistry
  • Efficiently and cost-effectively evaporate up to 40 gallons per hour at 140°F with a standard Max-Evap
  • Reduce maintenance costs and extend system lifespan with durable and corrosion-resistant polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, or Titanium materials of construction
  • Optimize system performance with horizontal air discharge, which prevents condensate from draining back into the evaporator
  • Save time and labour costs with easily accessible sealed and gasketed doorways



Plating Process blue1Plating Process 1


Evap curve


Plating ProcessRMaxi-Spray Counterflow Rinsing quickly removes  process solutions from your parts right back to your process bath with the powerful flat-knife spray. Using Kontek’s sustainable counterflow rinsing design, the Maxi-Spray  pumps  water from the  following  upstream rinse tank  in line


KC20 no hoseKC technology removes heavy metal contaminants from your bath, such as unwanted: copper, nickel, zinc and iron. Using proprietary selective chelating resin, KC systems only remove undesired metals. This keeps your valuable trivalent chrome chemistry perfectly intact for plating to guarantee a consistent finish and colour.


Kontek Perma-Disc Filtration

Perma-Disc performs like a large sand filter – except at a much reduced capital cost and a fraction of the size. The small, wheeled filter, pump & platform assembly is portable, easy to install in tight areas, and filters flows of  up to 16,000 gallons per hour.



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