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Surface Finishing Process Optimization

Dramatically reduce your costs by minimizing drag-out and reducing rinse water usage while guaranteeing a perfect, uniform finish — every time

At Kontek, we are experts in keeping your plating bath in perfect condition. This is why we’ve developed four key technologies that will help you: rid your bath of suspended solids and tramp heavy metals, prevent solution growth, maintain consistent bath concentrations, and minimize or eliminate drag-out. Used altogether, our plating optimization systems help guarantee a consistent texture and perfect colouring while dramatically reducing your costs.


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Optimize your process:

  • Reclaim drag-out and dramatically reduce water usage with our closed-loop Max-Evap and Maxi-Spray duo
  • Reduce costs for replacement chemicals by recycling your process solution chemistry
  • Guarantee better rinsing with a smooth and even wash by using high-velocity flat-knife spraying
  • Continuously purify tri-chrome plating baths by removing tramp metals with Kontek KC Series ion exchange
  • Cost-effectively prevent surface imperfections with Perma-Disc permanent media filtration
  • Extend the life of your process bath chemistry with Perma-Disc suspended solid filtration and KC Series heavy metal removal
  • Recover precious metals with Kontek PMR ion exchange
  • Reduce maintenance and labour costs with durable, optimized systems that require infrequent operator attention

Plating Line  Plating Line 2

Want to optimize your plating process? We use four key steps: 


1. Max-Evap: Protect your plating bath chemistry

Max-Evap helps you reclaim drag-out, prevent solution growth and maintain consistent solution concentrations by atmospherically evaporating excess water.

2. Maxi-Spray: Minimize your drag-out and reduce rinse water usage

Maxi-Spray quickly removes impurities on your parts between bath dips with a powerful flat-knife spray. Using Kontek’s sustainable counterflow design, the Maxi-Spray pumps water from the next upstream rinse tank in line. 

3. KC Series: Guarantee a consistently perfect chrome finish and color with continuous bath purification

Continuously refresh your plating bath to brand new condition with online KC ion exchange purification technology. Using proprietary selective gel resin, KC systems only remove undesired metals — keeping your valuable chrome chemistry perfectly intact for plating at all times. 

4. Perma-Disc: Prevent surface imperfections while cutting costs with permanent media filtration

Ditch expensive disposable filter papers and cartridges for the last time with Perma-Disc: a permanent media horizontal disc filter that offers the suspended solid removal capacity of disposable media — without any of the replacement or disposal costs.

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Plating Process Optimization Technologies

Max Evap Atmospheric Evaporation

Maxevap Protect your plating  bath chemistry, prevent  solution  growth, and  reduce your wastewater production rate  by installing a Max-Evap atmospheric solution  concentration system.

Maxi-Spray Counterflow Rinsing

Plating ProcessR

Maxi-Spray Counterflow Rinsing quickly removes  process solutions from your parts right back to your process bath with the powerful flat-knife spray. Using Kontek’s sustainable counterflow rinsing design, the Maxi-Spray  pumps  water from the  following  upstream rinse tank  in line.


KC20 no hoseKC technology removes heavy metal contaminants from your bath, such as unwanted: copper, nickel, zinc and iron. Using proprietary selective chelating resin, KC systems only remove undesired metals. This keeps your valuable trivalent chrome chemistry perfectly intact for plating to guarantee a consistent finish and colour.

Perma-Disc Media Filtration

Kontek Perma-Disc FiltrationPerma-Disc performs like a large sand filter – except at a much reduced capital cost and a fraction of the size. The small, wheeled filter, pump & platform assembly is portable, easy to install in tight areas, and filters flows of  up to 16,000 gallons per hour.



Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Purification removes 99% of contaminants. Designed for efficiency, Kontek’s Reverse Osmosis systems recover up to 85% of the raw city or recovered process feed water by re-circulating the reject water portion back a second pass for retreatment.


ReKonReKon Ion Exchange is a reliable and cost-effective method of removing dissolved heavy metals and salts from wastewater and producing high quality deionized water for recycling. Some of the applications: raw water purification, softening and deionization; wastewater treatment, wastewater recovery and recycling; polishing and targeted ion recovery.


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