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Leachate Treatment

Lower treatment costs and maximize production capacity with Kontek leachate treatment

Avoid tailing pond overflow and meet environmental discharge limits — 24/7. We have the expertise needed to design, build and commission an automated treatment process that will consistently work for your unique leachate challenges. Our membrane technology is superior for keeping the performance of the process up at the required flow rates to keep the ponds from overflowing, and minimizing costs. 

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Kontek leachate treatment systems run virtually unmanned in remote sites with SmartLogic controls and remote LinKon monitoring and support. The benefits of SmartLogic and LinKon begin with proof of concept for your on-site containerized VeriKon pilot plant. With VeriKon, we analyze your pond’s unique leachate challenges and deliver the data stream and proof of concept necessary to gain regulatory agency certificates of approval.  

VeriKon On site Pilot testing
We validate your system design by measuring a complete range of process variable      

  • Prevent pond overflows
  • Meet Discharge Limits
  • Safely ralease treated leachate water to the natural environment

Remote Satellite Communications

Containerized Kontek leachate treatment system in rural Québec. Fully automated and remotely controlled via LinKon.

Pilot container North Quebec, remote area


  •  Maintain safe flow rates to keep your ponds from overflowing
  • Consistently meet the strictest environmental discharge limits
  • Automatically reprocess compliant water, ensuring only compliant water is discharged
  • Selectively target and remove specific ions with zeolite technology
  • Guarantee optimized system performance with remote monitoring and setting adjustments with LinKon
  • Promote environmental stewardship and reduce risk of non-compliant water

Run your process remotely, 24/7, with minimal operator attention! 

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Want to manage your leachate? We do it in four easy steps.

Step 1: Initial treatment

We drive down costs by using the most cost-effective and crudest technologies available, including cyclone separators and settling clarifiers. This step removes most of the easy bulk and silt from your tailing pond. 

Step 2: Microfiltration

At this stage, the contaminants are smaller and require a more refined filtration process, such as MemKon. This step removes all remaining suspended solids. 

Step 3: Purification

We use RoKon reverse osmosis membranes to eliminate dissolved salts in your water. 

Final Step: Polishing

This step allows you to consistently meet extremely low environmental discharge limits of toxic adjunct elements, such as cinnabar and mercury, and treatment residues, including cyanide and selenium. We target and remove specific contaminants with a ReKon ion exchange treatment. In certain nuclear leachate applications, we use zeolites, electrically charged aluminum silica cellular structures.

Ask us how our integrated process will work for you!

Leachate blueLM

Leachate treatment technologies:


ReKon (142 by 300)

ReKon Ion Exchange is a reliable and cost-effective method of removing dissolved heavy metals and salts from wastewater and producing high quality deionized water for recycling. Some of the applications: raw water purification, softening and deionization; wastewater treatment, wastewater recovery and recycling; polishing and targeted ion recovery.


Reverse Osmosis


Reverse Osmosis Purification removes 99% of contaminants. Designed for efficiency, Kontek’s Reverse Osmosis systems recover up to 85% of the raw city or recovered process feed water by re-circulating the reject water portion back a second pass for retreatment.

MemKon Membrane Filtration

Memkon (300 by 142)

MemKon microfiltration systems are designed for the clarification of treated wastewater and process water. MemKon microfiltration systems eliminate the need for clarifiers, polymers and multimedia filters to remove total suspended solids (TSS) from waste streams to meet critical discharge criteria (i.e. cadmium, lead, mercury).



SmartLogic’s intuitive design protects your water quality, safeguards your parts and conserves chemicals – all while minimizing labour requirements. Sophisticated, yet user friendly HMIs enable you to quickly fine-tune parameters  with precision, view analytics and respond to alarms.


Linkon diagramanewRemote unit monitoring  allows our team to provide you with real-time support  when you need it. For updates, alarms, servicing and trouble- shooting, LinKon offers a cost-effective alternative to on-site field service as well LinKon provides a proactive and preventative service model versus a reactive one.


VeriKon Process Performance Verification



Before manufacturing and installing your full-sized system, we capture a complete range of environmental variables with our pilot program. Linked to your feed water via slipstream, compact VeriKon systems gather and analyze data while processing contaminants. We use these valuable insights to fine-tune your system before building a full-scale model. 



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