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Automated Protection, Remote Control & Monitoring

Minimize risk, reduce operating costs and maximize productivity with SmartLogic and LinKon features

At Kontek, we believe in taking extra technical precautions to guarantee your system’s safety and reliability. As a result, we build in safety features that protect your water quality, safeguard your parts and conserve consumables – all while minimizing labour requirements and running costs.

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Logic  SML


SmartLogic’s intuitive design protects your water quality, safeguards your parts and conserves chemicals – all while minimizing labour requirements. Sophisticated, yet user friendly HMIs enable you to quickly fine-tune parameters  with precision, view analytics and respond to alarms.


  • Consistently meet strict compliance discharge levels with automatic reprocessing features
  • Safeguard your parts while lengthening your system’s lifespan
  • Drive down costs for consumables, such as resin and chemicals
  • Minimize labour costs with programmable and instinctive logic controllers
  • Avoid inadvertent non-compliance, spills and accidents
  • Maintain a safe work environment


linkon smsmartlogic-2-300x105

Mining SiteRemote unit monitoring  allows our team to provide you with real-time support  when you need it. For updates, alarms, servicing and trouble- shooting, LinKon offers a cost-effective alternative to on-site field service as well LinKon provides a proactive and preventative service model versus a reactive one.


  • Easily access analytics and adjust parameters from anywhere in the world
  • Always have LinKon staff support, expertise and guidance when you need it
  • Optimize system performance and reduce system downtime by closely monitoring alarms and analytics
  • Ensure that your system seamlessly keeps pace with new demands

Case Studies

aerospace inds

Aerospace manufacturers achieve 100% membrane regeneration after four years with SmartLogic

Learn more about how this facility reduced operating costs by 40% and recovered 85% of its wastewater — all while using the original membranes.  The client has benefited from exceedingly high recovery rates and ongoing low operating, repair and maintenance costs. After four years of continuous use, their system’s membranes still appear untouched and consistently regenerate to 100% performance. This benefit alone has saved the customer thousands of dollars in membrane replacement and installation.

Microchips 3

Semiconductor creators reduce operating costs and extend system lifespan

Learn more about how this facility’s Kontek system has remained completely intact over the past eight years — despite being exposed to extremely corrosive wastewater conditions. Based on Kontek’s ability to treat and recover complicated multi-acid wastewater, Kontek is renowned by many microchip, photovoltaic, semiconductor and silicon wafer manufacturers across the world. 


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