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Our History


Early Beginnings

We were established in Burlington, Ontario in 1980. At the time, Kontek’s innovative wastewater treatment systems met an emerging market demand. Metal finishing industries, in particular, needed an effective way to comply with new environmental regulations. Kontek’s systems reliable deliver effluent compliance metal recovery and waste minimization, to satisfy our customers’ environmental and cost objectives.


Innovation in Ion Exchange

Kontek designed and installed the first ReKon Ion Exchange system – a cutting-edge breakthrough in process wastewater recovery and raw water purification. ReKon allowed Kontek’s clients to efficiently recycle their process water in a variety of industries. 

1993 – 1997

Investing in research and development

The formation of the current management team led to the establishment of a new engineering-focused approach. Initiatives in technology development, product innovation and advanced automated control systems soon brought Kontek to a leadership position in the industry. 

2001 – 2006

Global expansion

Kontek began engineering systems for clients in Eastern Europe, Australia and the Middle East. 


Growth through new technology additions

After investing resources in to researching applications for membrane technologies Kontek created two new brands MemKon Membrane Technologies and RoKon Reverse Osmosis. On Sept. 1, 2007, Kontek also added the acquisition of ConRec brand, a leader in solids dewatering technologies. 

2010 – Present

Today at Kontek 

Kontek continues to engineer fully customized and automated systems with a high degree of precision and care. Kontek’s markets continue to expand and now include other industries including as mining and hydroponics. Catering to international clients in a wide range of industrial sectors, Kontek is renowned for its five-step approach to fostering long-term and mutually beneficial customer relationships.


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