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Our Approach

First and foremost, we treat our customers and employees like family. Through taking a five-step approach to business, we build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers


1) Getting to know you

Our unique five-step method begins with taking the time to:

  • Visit your plant
  • Analyze your feed water
  • Learn about your industrial process water expectations


2) Process Design

After analyzing your water, our team of chemists and engineers:

  • Recommend a system of process steps that fit your application
  • Validate the approach with VeriKon on-site slipstream pilot testing
  • Our Project Manager will maintain progress updates with an open dialogue

3) Build

Before we ship your new treatment process, we:

  • Complete the manufacture of your skid-mounted system in our plant
  • Include SmartLogic controls and fail-safe interlocks
  • Validate expected performance with factory acceptance testing (FAT)

4) Instalation & Training

After shipping your system, we take the time to:

  • Implement speedy installation with our modular design
  • Commission the system and provide hands-on operator training
  • Stay on-site until you’re entirely comfortable with your system

5) Long-Term Support

We support  you for years to come with open communication. We will:

  • Update your systems as you business grows and your water changes over time
  • Offer instant and ongoing technical support via LinKon
  • Provide spare parts inventory coverage and optional services contracts
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