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For over thirty five years Kontek has been providing flexible and proven solutions for our customer's environmental objectives. Kontek's continual growth and expansion allow us to furnish state-of-the-art design and in-house fabrication of industrial wastewater management systems which provide effluent compliance, metals recovery, waste minimization and closed loop water recycling.

To meet all of the environmental objectives of our customers, Kontek utilizes physical and chemical processes including: Precipitation Settling, Oxidation/Reduction, Dissolved Air Floatation, Filtration, Adsorption, Membrane Separations, Evaporation, Ion Exchange, Electrowinning. To support our customer’s environmental objectives Kontek provides comprehensive service contracts for periodic maintenance and operator training.

Kontek installations can now be found in the following markets: Electroplating, Chemical Process Industries, Metal Finishing, Paperboard, Printing, Printed Circuit Board, Nuclear, Aerospace, Groundwater Remediation, Information Technology. Our staff has years of direct experience in the chemical cleaning, electroplating, and phosphate industries; as a result, Kontek wastewater systems are designed with the understanding of both your equipment and process chemistry requirements.

Water Recovery & Treatment

Process water management to recover your wastewater as high quality feed water for re-use in industrial applications OR, consistently treat your wastewater to achieve discharge compliance at all times.

Source Water Purification

Ensure that your operation has a process water management plan for a consistent and reliable supply of suitable purified feed water for your aqueous processes. Pre-treat source water that requires conditioning or removal of impurities for industrial processes requiring purified or ultra-purified water.

Solids Dewatering

Reduce the moisture in your solid waste to lower your disposal cost. Evaporate the water from your liquid wastes to avoid liquid waste disposal premiums.

  • hydroponics
  • automotive
  • minning
  • metal finishing
  • flying airplane
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