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The Kontek difference: it's more than just buying equipment

Our 30 years of experience has taught us that successful system activation is more than just buying equipment. Our five-step process begins by taking the time to get to know your water and your business. Learn more about our approach.

Wastewater Recovery & Treatment

Water Recovery & Treatment

Recover your process wastewater as high quality feed water for re-use in industrial applications OR, consistently treat your wastewater to achieve discharge compliance at all times.

Source Water Purification

Source Water Purification

Ensure that your operations have a consistent and reliable supply of suitable purified feed water for your aqueous processes Pre-treat source water that requires conditioning or removal of impurities for industrial processes requiring purified or ultra-purified water.

Solids Dewatering

Solids Dewatering

Reduce the moisture in your solid waste to lower your disposal cost Evaporate the water from your liquid wastes to avoid liquid waste disposal premiums.

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